I. Cultivations and Charitable Activities

Offerings at Mahabodhi Temple. On August 19, 2009, we made offerings of fruits, lights, and robes to the Buddha, as an usual part of our Buddhist cultivations.

II. Student activities

The New School Year and Indian Independence Day Celebrations. Our support to the village students on the occasion of their new school year has arrived on time, just before August 15, the Indian Independence Day. Thus, In addition to providing the school children with school supplies and textbooks, our team members there have been able to organize an Independence Day celebration for them. They are all happy. We have some photos for you.

Also, since our Nun begins to open a school at her newly built temple, we have to manage, at the same time, both the student admission through entrance examinations and the hiring of qualified teachers through interview. We have more applicants than expected. And we are trying our best to accommodate them. We will soon have the result. For now, we also have some photos of the interview for you.

And may it be auspicious!

Here are two parts of the activities in pictures:

Part I: Our Fall Offerings at Mahabodhi Temple. .

Part II: New School Year at the Village Schools.

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