Part I: Our Fall Offerings on August 19, at Mahabodhi Temple.

It will soon be the Ullambana Day, the Mother Day and Parent Day, in the Buddhist tradition. Therefore, we have made offerings of robes, flowers, and fruits, and candle lights to the Buddha.

May it be auspicious for all!

Offering robes to the Enlightened One!

We wish to have more to offer!

May all be at peace!

And well protected!

Our offering with deep faith!

May it be fruitful!

Our utmost veneration to the Enlightened One!

Offered by our Nun, for all, including Truong Nguyen, Phu Le, Cao H. Ty, Bao C. Tran, Hanh H. Cao, Dat Tran, Tran Thi Nguyet, Hoang Thuy Dung, Dang Tu Hao, Hoang Thi Kim Anh, Dylan Tuan Dang and Megan Kha-Ai Dang, and Phung Truong-Nguyen Dieu!

This is also our Ullambana season, which includes the Mother Day and Parent Day in the Buddhist tradition- Best wishes to all, from our Nun!

Merits to all from our young brother!

The work begins!

At the Jewel Walk!

String them together!

Beautifully done!


May Wisdom shine!

With radiance!

And more, for all!

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