The student trip to Mahabodhi Temple and the Joint Student Award Event, Summer 2008.

Our group has chatered the buses to take the students from the rermote villages to the famous Mahabodhi Temple for a trip. It is fortunate that we are able to manage the trip. Otherwise, many of them would not have the means to visit the place. Afterward, the students walk together to the nearby Burmese Buddhist Temple for the Joint Student Award Event. Our Buddhist Nun stays there and the Sayadaw Abbot is kind enough to host the award event right in the courtyard of his Burmese Temple. We also find the cooks to prepare local food for all students to enjoy after the award, before taking them home.

We hope that the students will have a memorable summer. We sponsor the Student Award Event because we have benefited ourselves from an educational tradition of doing so. Also, we hope that the students will be inspired to study further.

From their bright eyes, we see the bright future for themselves and for their villages.

We hope for the best. And may it be auspicious!

Part I: The Student Trip to Mahabodhi Temple.

With bright eyes!

Looking ahead!

Walking forward with anticipation!

The sincere offerings to the Buddha.

Ready to march in! Students from Mathihani Village!

Line up with their teacher!

Get them ready!

Marching on ! Students from Bagha Village and their teachers!

Wait for proper signal! Students from Kendva Village and their teacher!

Go ahead! Always with the teacher's care!

A proud entry to Mahabodhi Temple!

Properly circumambulating with the Monks!

Mark the main entrance and also the kind heart of their "Mataji", the Nun!

Reaching the sacred Bodhi Tree, together.

Relaxing under the shade of the Bodhi Tree!

Here under the Bodhi tree, let us begin!

We are ready!

A message from the Monks!

A remark from the Nun!

A moment of Mindfullness!

Be Mindfull together!

May there be peace, always!

And Calmness!

Heading out!

Existing the entrance!

Back on the road to the Burmese Temple for the Award Event!

Thanks to the great support, Venerable Abbot!

To the kind Sayadaw and his Burmese Temple!

The special preparations for the Award Event.