Part 2: The Indian Independence Day Celebration on August 15, 2009, at our village schools.

With the opening of the new school year, students are happy to be back and they are eager celebrate a great historical day of the nation, the Independence Day. Together with our Nun, Indian volunteers and teachers, we have tried to help them by organizing the celebration at each of the village schools. Fortunately, our fund arrived without delay this time, just a week before their celebration.

The Independence Day Celebration is meaningful to them and we wish that we could be there!

Our best wishes are always with them!

It is great that we have got some photos of their celebration of the Independence Day. We will update them if we get more from our team. In the meantime, join in and share the result of your encouragement!


"Praising Our Great Nation" ready by the students at Matiyani School!

Flying high the national flag, at Shobhakap School!

For a Great Democracy!

And for a Bright Future!

Qualified teachers seek to join the team, an example!

A demonstration of teaching qualifications!

Interview continues!


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