I. Student activities

The student trip to Mahabodhi Temple & the Joint Student Award Event. Our group has chartered the buses to take students from the remote villages to the famous Mahabodhi Temple for a trip. Afterward, the students walk together to the nearby Burmese Buddhist Temple for the Joint Student Award Event. We also find the cooks to prepare local food for all students to enjoy after the award, before taking them home.

From their bright eyes, we see the bright future for themselves and for their villages. And may it be auspicious!

II. Cultivations and Charitable Activities

Offerings and food donations at Mahabodhi Temple. For our usual cultivation, we make offerings to the Buddha and food donations to the visitors during the 2008 Vesak celebration (the birth, enlightenment, and passing away of Sakyamuni Buddha, all in one). Everything has gone well.

Here are four parts of the activities in pictures:

Part I: The student trip to Mahabodhi Temple.

Part II: The Joint Student Award Event.

Part III: Our Vesak Offerings at Mahabodhi Temple.

Part IV: Our Vesak Donations.

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