News About Palm Beach Mahabodhi-June 2012.


I. Our pilgrimage to the MahaBodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya, India, summer 2012.

Namo Buddhaya!

Aum! Mahabodhi Svaha!

And a greeting from the land of Buddhism!

By the seat of Enlightenemnt!

The original abode of Bodhi!

All are welcomed!

From various traditions!

And full of beauty!

At peace!

With calmness!

With a spectacular vision!

Together with sincere devotions!

To The Three Jewels!

The cool shade of refuge from the summer heat!

And a magically calm moment!


Another Day at Mahabodhi Temple, June, 2012.

A vision of the Buddha!

Another vision!

Join others in daily offerings!

With flowers and seasonal fruits!

It looks great!

All pure offerings!


Another day of offering at Mahabodhi Temple, June 2012.

A new offering of robe!

With flowers and fruits!

Our season offering of fruit!

Ready to offer!

To The Enlightened One!

Another offering of robe!

Offerings at the Main Altar, a glimpse!


Other days for offering at Mahabodhi Temple, June 2012.

Offering of Robe, another version!

Early in the morning, A New Look!

More offerings and chantings, and also a new robe!

More offerings as time goes!

Ready with our offerings!

To the Triple Gems!

More offerings of robe!

Another offering of new robe, with sincere devotion!

To begin the magical view of Mahabodhi Temple!

At the Sutra Stupa in front!

On the path in the southeast corner!

And at the southwest corner!

On the path of the praying wheels!

Aother view of the Sutra Stupa!

Brightening up at night falls

A spectacular scene!

Another offering of flowers!

Cotinue to pay homage to the Buddha, even at night falls!


II. Landscaping and renovating - May 2012:

We continue to plant the bamboos! Just giving them enough time, they will look as healthy as our alrerady established bamboos.


Best Wishes!

And at peace!

With the Buddha!!

And a new view of the Main Hall!

A view from the Northern corner!

From the Southern corner!

A closer look!

"Bodhisattvas at home should wish that all beings realize that the nature of "home" is empty, and liberate from its burdens."

-"Bồ-Tát ở nhà, nên nguyện chúng sanh, biết nhà tánh không, khỏi sự bức ngặt."

A seasonal greeting!

Being calm!

At peace!

And harmony!

"Entering a monastery, Bodhisattvas should wish that all beings, Expound various principles, Of noncontention ."(As Pure Conducts)

-"Vào Tăng-già-lam nên nguyện chúng sanh, diễn thuyết các pháp, không tranh không cải."

Ready for practice!

"When entering a hall, Bodhisattvas should wish that all beings, Ascend to the unexcelled sanctuary, And rest there secure, unshakable."(As Pure Conducts)

-"Nếu vào điện đường, nên nguyện chúng sanh, lên nhà vô thượng, an trụ bất động."

Merit and auspiciousness to all!

Suny and nice!

It's a nice time to plant!

Newly planted Bodhi tree!

The Graceful bamboo!

The Blacko bamboo!

The yellow stribe Bamboo!

The sacred golden yellow Bali Bamboo!

The Tinny Fern Bamboo!

The small leaf Nana Bamboo!

And the golden Hawaii Bamboo!

They will grow like ...this!

Just like our Blue Bamboo!

And our graceful Bamboo!

They are looking great!

Our new groundcovers!

Other groundcovers!

Our Poinciana trees!

Our Sri Bodhi Tree!

A raining sign!

We need the rain!

Here it comes!

Cool and nice!

At dusk!

It is time to rest!

A nice view, as always!