News About Palm Beach Mahabodhi- August 2011.



And best wishes!


1. A local view of August.

Aum! Mahabodhi Svaha!

And a Greeting!

From us!

The local!

An abode of Bodhi!

For you!

Passion Fruits and local Avocado!

Tasty too!

A new vision!

And a peaceful direction!

To begin anew!

With happiness!


II. Buddhist Activites at Mahabodhi Temple- August 2011:

We continue with more photos of the our activites at Mahabodhi Temple during our staying there in August. Later on, more will be posted in "Activities", as we have more time to edit and arrage everything! For now, these are just another glimpse of our activities in offering to the Buddha and in hepling the poor village school children. Hoping that their future willbe bright!


The Buddha, in another beautiful robe!

Our Buddha statue, a replica by the local Indian artisian!

Another of our Buddha statue, turning the Dharma Wheel!

Our Buddha, in white stone!

At the School for the poor children, by our Nun.

Some final touches on the statue!

Local Indian artisians at work!

Other of our Buddha;s statues

Another look!

A garland to Avalokitesvara Mahabodhisattva!

Another garland to the Mahabodhisattva!

The Sri Bodhi Tree!

The new gateway to Mahabodhi Temple,from the north!

Another look!

At Dawn, on the roof of the school for the poor children.

A sunrise!

May it be auspicious!

The Buddha Hall of the school!

Lift it to the place!

The front courtyard!

A few students who are accepted to live on campus!

A source of cool and fresh water!

A drinking source for all students

A front view from the river!

A close-up view of the school!

Here are some photos at the village schools --miles away!

Happy to see you!

Some notebooks and pens (in the box) as gift!

Wait for their gifts!

Get ready!

For you!

And for you!

Study hard!

Best wishes!

Here you are!!

Keep up the good work!

Reminders from Mata Ji, our Nun!

Yes, it is time for the gifts!

Best wishes for your future!

With thanks!

To another school at a remote village!

The students help carrying the notebooks and other gifts!

Ready to be distributed!

A Buddhist greeting!

You are wonderful!

Be happy and study hard!

Best wihses!


III. Landscaping and renovating - August 2011:

Our plants, including the bamboos and the poinciana trees, appear to do well through many hot and dry days. They look green when I get back from the trips. Thank you all for watering them and for taking care of the lawn when we were away. Merits to all! Now, we need to feed them with more top soils and water. Hoping that you can come and help out! The renovation of the inside continues.

Here are some photos for you:


And Best Wishes!

At peace-The base --a gift from the Singaporean Buddhists!

"Bodhisattvas at home should wish that all beings realize that the nature of "home" is empty, and liberate from its burdens."

-"Bồ-Tát ở nhà, nên nguyện chúng sanh, biết nhà tánh không, khỏi sự bức ngặt."

At Dawn!

Sun rises!


It rains!

With cool rain water!

"Entering a monastery, Bodhisattvas should wish that all beings, Expound various principles, Of noncontention ."(As Pure Conducts)

-"Vào Tăng-già-lam nên nguyện chúng sanh, diễn thuyết các pháp, không tranh không cải."

To the Awakening Ones !

"When entering a hall, Bodhisattvas should wish that all beings, Ascend to the unexcelled sanctuary, And rest there secure, unshakable."(As Pure Conducts)

-"Nếu vào điện đường, nên nguyện chúng sanh, lên nhà vô thượng, an trụ bất động."


A few remainings of ....

...Our colorfull groundcovers!

Growing taller after a month!

Including the mango trees!

A pile of top soil to be worked on!

They stay green together!

There must have been some rains!

Still hanging there!

Touching the ground-Must have been missing us!

More of them!

Even in n the back!

A nice view, as always!