News About Palm Beach Mahabodhi- July 2011.



And best wishes!


1. A local view of July.

Aum! Mahabodhi Svaha!

And a Greeting!

From us!

The local!

An abode of Bodhi!

For your Independent Day!

A celebration!

From the local!

II. Activities-Pilgrimage to Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya, India- July 2011:

Welcome to the land of the Buddha!

I visit BodhGaya in the second week of July after celebrating July Fourth with the local people in Lake Worth. It is very hot and dry there. But it is great to visit once again the Mahabodhi Temple, the land of enlightenment.

On behalf of the supportive Buddhists, I have made offerings of robes, light, flowers, and fruits to the Buddha at Mahabodhi Temple.

Offering of flowers are done almost daily, whenever I can buy the nice flower garlands while coming to pay repect to the Buddha.

May the Buddha bestow his auspicious and compassionate blessing! May there be wisdom and merits to all!

Now here are the activities of making offering in pictures. Best wishes!

1. Offering of robe:

Namo Buddhaya!

At the Mahabodhi Temple.

Our robe to The Buddha!

The Gateway entry!

For all!

To circummabulate clockwise around the Mahabodhi Stupa.

Often a crowded entrance!

Heading toward the southeast!

From the southeast corner!

Always be at peace!

From the south!

From the southwest corner

From the west-with the Boddhi tree in view!

The Bodhi tree and the Buddhists-a closer view!

And the north side!

At the northeast corner-a close-up!

With its magical night!

To behold!

Back to the main entrance-with the crowd!

Don"t miss this collage at your right!

Welcome to the main gateway!

To pay homage to the Buddha, the Enlightened One!!

Then back to the main entrance!

Entering Mahabodhi Temple!

Mahabodhi Temple-At the door-step!

Be respectful and mindful!

Line up to pay homage!

And for a vision of the Buddha!

Together with sincere offerings!

And with devotion!

From the visitors!

Event at dusk!

Another view of our robe to the Buddha!

Together with fruit and flowers!

To change to a new robe!

Another beautiful robe from the visiting Buddhists!

And another garland!

And more flowers by the white-cloth Sri Lankan Buddhist pilgrims!

Namo Buddhaya!

Excellent! Saddhu! Saddhu! With fold hands!

Boy students line-up at weekend...

Togehter with girl students to pay respect to the Buddha!

To the Enlightened One!

To make an offer of robes and flowers!

With the help of our Buddhist Nun!

And our volunteer friend!

To the Buddha!

Merits to all!


2. Offering of Fruits and Flowers

Join others in offering flowers!

Dedicating merits to all of our suppoters!

Another quick pose!

Our offering of seasonal fruits and flowers!

For a proper look!

Our garland together with others!

Another beautiful robe to the Buddha by other Buddhists!

Another view of our offering!

Bring them in!

Offering in another day!

Again, to the Buddha!

Heading out ...

To Avalokitesvara and the Bodhi tree with garlands!

A nice pose!

Together with the Sri Lankan Buddhists!

A garland for our Quan The Am- Avalokitesvara Mahabodhisattva!

The Great Compassionate One!

Who looks down onto the world!

The bestower of wishes!

To all devotees!

The grantor of protection and fearlessness!

Always revered by followers!

More offerings in another day!

A quick pose!

Before heading to the shady Bodhi tree!

Here at the Bodhi Tree.

Our garland to the Sri Bodhi tree!

And the seat of enlightenhment!

Again, homage to the Buddha!

And the tree of Enlightenment!

With sincere respect!

Another view!

Aum! Mahabodhi Svaha!

3. Offering of Light.

May wisdom shine!

Joined by other Buddhists and local visitors!

Our Nun has bought all the candles!

Lighten up the night!

Working together!

Another helping hand!

Nearly finished!

Geting there!

Join in!

Beautifully done!

Merit to all!

Wisdom to all!

III. Landscaping and renovating - July 2011:

We have bought a truckload of top soil. There will be plenty of things to do in the garden. Come and join us there if you have the time. The renovation of the inside continues! We do whatever we can before the pilgrimage trip to Mahabodhi Temple in India.

Here are some photos for you:


And Best Wishes!

At Peace!

A sign of rain!


"Bodhisattvas at home should wish that all beings realize that the nature of "home" is empty, and liberate from its burdens."

-"Bồ-Tát ở nhà, nên nguyện chúng sanh, biết nhà tánh không, khỏi sự bức ngặt."

"Entering a monastery, Bodhisattvas should wish that all beings, Expound various principles, Of noncontention ."(As Pure Conducts)

-"Vào Tăng-già-lam nên nguyện chúng sanh, diễn thuyết các pháp, không tranh không cải."

The local offerings!

"When entering a hall, Bodhisattvas should wish that all beings, Ascend to the unexcelled sanctuary, And rest there secure, unshakable."(As Pure Conducts)

-"Nếu vào điện đường, nên nguyện chúng sanh, lên nhà vô thượng, an trụ bất động."


Time to feed the plants!

With truckload of top soil!

Look healthy and green!

Front porch!

Our new groundcovers!

To be planted here!

A nice view, as always!