News About Palm Beach Mahabodhi- June 2011.



And best wishes!


1. A local view of June.

Aum! Mahabodhi Svaha!

And a Greeting!

From us!

The local!

An abode of Bodhi!

With a potential!

To flourish!

With fruitful aims!

For a nice and calm destination!

And Sunshine!

For you!

Another one!

Hope you will like them!

Be happy!

An inviation to visit!

For a broader vision!

And a focus!

Be yourself!

Including the newly comes!

Find your shades!

For inspiration!

And appreciation!

An invitation-To brighten your day!

From the local!

II. Landscaping and renovating - June 2011:

The summer is here. It is time for planting flowers and feeding our plants with Top Soil . The renovation of the inside continues!

Here are some photos for you:


And Best Wishes!

At Peace!

A sign of rain!

Getting closer!


"Bodhisattvas at home should wish that all beings realize that the nature of "home" is empty, and liberate from its burdens."

-"Bồ-Tát ở nhà, nên nguyện chúng sanh, biết nhà tánh không, khỏi sự bức ngặt."

Clear sky!

Getting taller!

Our front porch !

Zoom in!

A seasonal offering!

Homage to the Enlightened Ones!!

And the Compassionate Ones !

Bright sky!

And dry!

A hopeful sign!

"Entering a monastery, Bodhisattvas should wish that all beings, Expound various principles, Of noncontention ."(As Pure Conducts)

-"Vào Tăng-già-lam nên nguyện chúng sanh, diễn thuyết các pháp, không tranh không cải."

Offerings from the visiting Buddhists!

We pay respect!

"When entering a hall, Bodhisattvas should wish that all beings, Ascend to the unexcelled sanctuary, And rest there secure, unshakable."(As Pure Conducts)

-"Nếu vào điện đường, nên nguyện chúng sanh, lên nhà vô thượng, an trụ bất động."


Time to feed the plants!

Keep them grow!

Climbing Bamboo!

Our new groundcovers!

To be planted here!

And here!

Here are some shades!

At dusk!

A nice view, as always!