News About Palm Beach Mahabodhi-December 2011.



And best wishes!


1. A local view of December.

Aum! Mahabodhi Svaha!

And a Greeting!

From us!

The local!

An abode of Bodhi!

Full of growth!

With potential!

And Beautiful!

For you!

Beaming with light and...Happiness!


II. Visiting Long Van Temple, Orlando, Florida, in December for the Eight-Precept Uposatha Retreat!

Welcome to Long Van Temple!

With Happiness!



And compassion!

On your path!


III. Visiting the Quang Minh Temple, Chicago, in late December-January for the Amitabha Buddha Recitaion and Celebration.

Welcome to Quang Minh Buddhist Temple!

An additional building to the Temple!

Come early for parking!

No snow in late December! Still cold though!

For chanting the Lotus Sotra!

Who is here?

Getting ready!

Paying attention!

Line up in order!

At the Patriarch quarter-some remarks!

And update information!

Best wishes!!

And Happy New Year-from Quang Minh Temple!


III. Landscaping and renovating - December 2011:

It is cold and the plants seem to stay where they are. But in South Florida, we still have some beautiful colors in the winter season. You will see them in the photos below. Again, you can come and help out to remove that huge pile of topsoil. We continue with the minor renovations inside.

Here are some photos for you:


And Best Wishes!

At peace!

"Bodhisattvas at home should wish that all beings realize that the nature of "home" is empty, and liberate from its burdens."

-"Bồ-Tát ở nhà, nên nguyện chúng sanh, biết nhà tánh không, khỏi sự bức ngặt."


Still sunny and nice!

With beautiful colors!

And unique flower!

Still vibrant at winter!

A sincere offering!

To the Enlightened Ones!

"Entering a monastery, Bodhisattvas should wish that all beings, Expound various principles, Of noncontention ."(As Pure Conducts)

-"Vào Tăng-già-lam nên nguyện chúng sanh, diễn thuyết các pháp, không tranh không cải."

Being calm and peaceful for cultivation!

For wisdom!

And compassion!

More seasonal offerings!

To Quan Am Bo Tat-The Compassionate One!

To Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Mahasatva!

To the Awakening Ones!

"When entering a hall, Bodhisattvas should wish that all beings, Ascend to the unexcelled sanctuary, And rest there secure, unshakable."(As Pure Conducts)

-"Nếu vào điện đường, nên nguyện chúng sanh, lên nhà vô thượng, an trụ bất động."


A sunset at the nearby lake!

At dusk!

Yes, it is nice to be here!

With tranquility for your visualization!

A nice view, as always!