Our Activities

Here are our course of actions and accomplishments in promoting compassionate living, inner peace, and harmony.

With our Cultivation, we post our general schedules and plans for practice. From the provided information, our supporters and friends can conveniently join us in practice when the conditions are suitable. At the center, we practice according to these schedules in order to train ourselves in eradicating mental inflictions and in obtaining clarity of the mind. And as a result, we expect to achieve inner peace, happiness, and wisdom.

With our Charitable Event, we offer a glimpse into our accomplishments in providing charitable services to help support, educate, and inspire the school children and the needy in remote villages in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India. We work with what we have while aiming to practice our perfection of giving, a type of giving without attachment and selfish motives. In general, we set a tentative plan for the charitable activities each quarters of the year in advance. And we will do more as we have more.