Part III: The Student trip to Mahabodhi Temple, Summer 2009.

It is fortunate that we can again work together with other supporters to sponsor the annual Summer Award Event for the students this year. Our Buddhist Nun and the local Indian volunteers have chattered buses to take the students from the remote villages to visit Mahabodhi Temple. Afterward they walk together to the nearby newly built Vietnamese Buddhist Temple for the award even.

Those school children are fortunate to be able to make a visit to Mahabodhi Temple. We wish that we can be there with them.

Here is a glimpse of their visit to Mahabodhi Temple:

At Mahabodhi Temple with pure offerings!

Line them up for the bus!

On one side!

And on both sides!

On the village road!

Let's get on the Bus!

Getting on the Bus!


At another village road!

Getting line up!

The bus!

Heading to the bus!

Getting on the Bus!

And More!

From another village school!

Crossing the field for the bus!

Getting off the bus!

Let's go!

And to Mahabodhi Temple!

At the gate!

Lining up! Thanks to the care of the teachers!

Ready for an entry!

At the door of Mahabodhi Temple.

The fortunate students: Making an entry to Mahabodhi Tempe!

Making Offerings!

Simple but with utmost sincerity !

And to The Bodhi Tree!

Getting settled: Thanks to the care of the teachers.

Under the shade of the Great Bodhi Tree with the teachers.

Message about the Buddhist refuges from the Nun and the Monk!

Chanting lead by the Monk!

The students join the chanting under the Great Bodhi Tree!

Peace in calm Meditation!

With Mindfulness!

And listening to basic Buddhist teachings!

Afterward, heading out to the Vietnamese Buddhist Temple for the Award Event!

And lastly, thanks to our dedicated supporters!

Even in English!


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