Part IV: The Joint Student Award Event, Summer 2009.



Walking to the Vietnamese Temple after visiting Mahabodhi Temple.

On the dirt road to Mataji Nun's temple!

At home at Mataji Nun's newly built Vietnamese Buddhist Temple!

And Mataji Nun with her construction two months ago, in March.

An on-going temple work by the dried-up Nairanjana River, even in April!

Now, come the newly built place and the excitement of the award event!

Regardless of the incomplete construction!


And here are some high points of the Award Event.

Awards to the students! Simple but memorable!

Congratulation on your Achievements, from the Director Mataji!

Opening Announcement in Hindi!

Let's begin!

Settling down for the function!

Ready for the historical moment!

Congratulation and best wishes!

For your marvelous accomplishment!

In recognition of your outstanding class performance!

We are proud of your remarkable accomplishment: A singing from the teachers!

Then Afterward.....come the food!

What do we have!

Thanks to Mataji Nun and the cups!

Students first!

Here come the tastes: The food served by the teachers!

Need more!

Ready for the flavor!

Meals for the teachers also!

At dusk: Getting on the bus!

Going home! And have a great Summer!

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