At this compassionate abode, everyone can find a path to Mahabodhi.


In order to reach Mahabodhi, Perfect Enlightenment, or to become a Buddha,

One needs to have both wisdom and compassion

Wisom is obtained through various Buddhist meditative practices.

All of those, however, have Sila, Samadhi, and Prajna, as the foundations.

That fundamental Dharma continues to resound in the four directions,

Just like the Dharma wheels topping the Asokan four-lion-headed pillars.

(Sila) is Buddhist moral conduct.

(Samadhi) is meditative concentration.

(Prajna) is wisdom gained from meditative insight and detachment.

Compassion is cultivated in the Perfections to benefit sentient beings,

By offering material and Dharma support, leading them to Mahabodhi,

Just like the shady white Canopy with two fragrant garlands of flowers.

With the two completions of Wisdom and Compassion,

Buddhahood is certainly attained.